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Terrorism Essay
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It must be aimed at the people and the institutions of the established order. Who can be identified as terrorists? The previous quote was applied to the Columbine High School shooting. Children lose their innocence much due the fact that they are being exposed to sex and violence at a much earlier age. Television, the Internet, and video games easily manipulate the mind of a child.

And teenagers can be cruel, even the students of Brooklyn Tech. One can occasionally witness fights and gang initiations in high schools. Leader is a security analyst and assistant programmer who tried to define the purpose of terrorism. They wanted publicity for their causes and used hijackings and bombings to manipulate the American political system and other target governments to further their various agendas. Evidence increasingly suggests that religiously motivated terrorists are much less interested in drawing attention to themselves and their cause and more interested in punishing adversaries by killing large numbers of people.

Many recent incidents seem to underline this trend: After quoting the purposes and intentions of terrorism, the causes should be highlighted as well. A main cause of terror and violence is hate. For instance, doctors have been killed and clinics have been bombed. Recent escalations in attacks against medical staff, clinics and hospitals by anti-abortion campaigners in the USA, and against research scientists, laboratories and commercial premises by animal rights campaigners in the UK, are indications of the kinds of motivation involved.

Although issue-group extremists aim at changing specific policies or practices rather than the whole socio-political system, their potential for endangering life and social and economic wellbeing should not be underestimated.

Issue-group motivated terrorism shows every sign of increasing in the heavily urbanized pluralist democracies, with their complex and vulnerable systems of communications, transportation, electronic funding transfers, etc. Today, seven states are still on the official U. Such groups are fluid organizationally and tend to coalesce into task forces for specific missions.

Yonah Alexander has called the new mode of operation "well organized disorganization. The causes of terrorism are different in each distinct nation. Africans flee from their enemy tribes or armed militias. Where an ethnic group believes it may be in danger of being suppressed or driven out of its base area, and especially when it has militant supporters with access to weapons and explosives based in foreign countries, an international terrorist campaign is far more likely.

In the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, terrorism originates from ethnic rivalries and hatreds. Those causes were the results of removing Communist dictatorship.

Where in region, does terrorism strike the most? Bosnia is often the target to terrorists. In the world, where is terrorism the most horrific and frequent? The Middle East has experienced the most violence since This is ironic because there have been many efforts to resolve the dispute over the Golan Heights between Israel, Jordan, and Syria. S has urged the nations to form peaceful agreements in the recent years; however, there are four basic motivations for terrorism in the Middle East:.

Arafat and the Israeli government. These groups see Arafat as a traitor who has betrayed the cause of Palestinian self-determination. Frequently they widen their range of targets to include westerners within their country.

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Libya. But Damascus has not discarded this weapon: International terrorists prefer to strike businesses abroad and to kidnap innocent people.

In Latin America, especially Colombia, terrorists are mostly kidnappers. One of the two incidents was the notorious and highly destructive World Trade Center bombing in February The other was not even directed against the U. The five pled guilty and were sentenced to three months in jail. There was no prevention of terrorist incidents in the United States.

There was one set of suspected terrorist incidents, involving improvised explosive devices discovered at two locations in New York. Notes criticizing the government of Israel as being too liberal signed by the Maccabee Squad and the Shield of David accompanied the devices, which did not detonate.

The case remains unsolved to date. In , there were 11 domestic terrorist incidents in the U. Nine of the eleven all occurred on a single night when animal rights activists placed small incendiary devices in four Chicago department stores that sell furs.

According to the FBI, the most active domestic "terrorist" groups in recent years have been animal rights activists and "skinheads". What makes the terrorists so fearsome? Their weapons of course….

Terrorists have access to many horrible weapons such as bombs, guns, viruses, and chemicals. Moreover, terrorist groups either have technically trained members with sufficient knowledge of chemistry and laboratory procedures to manufacture such weapons or the money to hire them.

Following the attack, the President called for tougher laws and licensing and a ban on assault weapons. In the wake of mass murder and the passage of the Brady Bill, gun sales soared around the country as citizens raced to buy firearms before the new waiting limit took effect. Are teenagers with guns considered to be terrorists? They hurt the innocent, and in most cases, it is for their own personal gain. Therefore, law enforcement agencies should focus their attention on the prevention of domestic terrorism because, even though domestic terrorism is unseen, it may be even more dangerous than international terrorism.

Domestic terrorists undermine the country from within, while international terrorists attack the US from the outside and the US can raise barriers to protect Americans from the foreign threat, while domestic terrorism needs effective work of law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Therefore, domestic terrorism is a serious threat to the national security of the US and American law enforcement agencies along legislators and the public have to unite their efforts in the struggle against domestic terrorism. In fact, domestic terrorism is a serious threat to the US national security. At the same time, the US law enforcement agencies conducted effective struggle against domestic terrorism, whereas terrorist organizations operating and based in the US were not efficient.

American terrorist organizations were relatively inactive and Americans as well as law enforcement agencies underestimated the threat of domestic terrorism. However, by the end of the 20 th century domestic terrorism has started to grow in power that raised the problem of the understanding of the essence of the problem and elimination of the threat of domestic terrorism.

To understand the essence of domestic terrorism, it is necessary to find accurate definition of the term. In this regard, it is possible to define domestic terrorism as the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious or ideological objectives Bohn, At this point, the main characteristic of domestic terrorism, which distinguishes domestic terrorism from international terrorism, is the origin of terrorist organizations or terrorists — they are native born or citizens of the US.

This means that domestic terrorists live in the US and plan their terrorist activities to complete in the US too. In such a way, the scope of their operations is limited to the country, where they live. On analyzing causes of domestic terrorism, specialists Smith, point out that, as a rule, multiple factors contribute to the rise of domestic terrorism.

Nevertheless, domestic terrorism does not emerge in the country, where internal conflicts between different social groups are latent.

At the same time, it is possible to distinguish several key causes of domestic terrorism, including economic, political, and cultural. These causes have laid the foundation to the contemporary domestic terrorism in the US. Remarkably, causes of domestic terrorism are similar to those of international terrorism. In actuality, economic cause is one of the main causes of domestic terrorism in the US, as well as other countries.

What is meant here is the fact that terrorist organizations emerge on the ground of the growing economic disparity, when the oppressed social groups or classes unite their efforts and use terrorist methods of struggle to close economic gaps between them and the ruling elite and the middle-class.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the US always heavily relied on the middle class, which comprised the majority of the US population and hold stable economic position.

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